Farringdon Ward Club
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Farringdon Ward Club Established 1894

Welcome to the Farringdon Ward Club

This website is intended to be a source of information for both existing and prospective members. We hope you will find this of interest.

Farringdon Ward Club is one of the twenty-two Clubs which are directly associated with the twenty-five Wards of the City of London. Uniquely it embraces two clubs, Farringdon Within, and Farringdon Without.

The Club exists to:

  • Provide support to the Lord Mayor, and the Aldermen, Deputies and Common Councilmen of the Wards of Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without
  • Enable firms and people working in the Ward to network, engage with their elected representatives and understand more about the services provided by City of London Corporation
  • Arrange formal and social functions, such as luncheons, dinners, lectures, and City walks

The Club is an affordable way to learn about the history, governance, and activities of the City of London, and interact with people who have an interest in the Ward and the City.

Embankment City boundary

Farringdon Viaduct

Grand Avenue, Smithfield

St Bartholomew the Great

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